The Mediation

Al-Alam Recruitment Office specializes in providing mediation service for recruitment to the individuals and business sector from public and private institutions and companies, in coordination with external offices in the countries authorized to recruit from them, after obtaining employer visas ..

About Us

Al-Alam Recruitment Office provides many recruitment services for distinguished human cadres for all sectors of work, with the permission of the Saudi Ministry of Labor No. (41022000).We are keen on choosing the highly skilled workforce after reviewing the CVs and ..

العمالة المتوفرة

نحرص دائما علي اختيار انسب الكوادر البشرية القادرة علي تلبية كافة المهام وتتنوع الكوادر ما بين التخصصات التالية : تتنوع العمالة لدينا مما يناسب قطاع الاعمال وقطاع الافراد من عمالة مدربة ومؤهلة.

The Broker

The Office of the sky of the other chambers in the provision of the Service Broker and recruitment businesses and business organizations of private companies .as we implement all measures for labor services from all human cadres.

Business Sector

We provide everything that the business sector requires, whether it is private companies or government institutions around the world, with superior workforce in all professional fields and operating in accordance with international quality standards in order to be up to ..

Our Services

The recruitment of domestic workers.Bringing special drivers.Bringing in workers from different professions.Bringing in workers from different professions.The work of the MARCHES of the salaries.The possibility of bringing the doctors in all disciplines.The possibility of bringing nurses in all disciplines.The issuance ..

Our customers

Hotel group bahadur.. The group of medical CLINICS Al-saaedi. Restaurants in South Asia. The Group of fish restaurants and nightclubs,ElDalmon peaceful group of hotels in durra fish ... And others from our customers